F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that this is a Paint Repair and Touch Up Kit. It’s not the answer for all paint repairs, and it’s not a substitute for bodywork. Consider the nature of the repair required before ordering.
However, if you don’t want to go to the bodyshop and spend hundreds of euros to have your vehicle perfectly repaired, our system is the best alternative.
We invite you. Please consult our FAQ / Support information before using the product, including information about the limitations of our product and the sample photo / demo videos provided.
Please contact us with any questions or problems that may occur when paint is applied. We are able to solve the problem in a very short time. Furthermore, our colors are manually formulated one by one on the basis of the original codes that you order from time to time

Washing and drying the retouch area thoroughly is more than enough. The area to be touched up must be completely dry.

Yes, seven years is the longest period we’ve tracked, and it’s like the first day it was applied.

Yes. All the paint is specially prepared for you based on the original color code you ordered, therefore it is a customized product prepared according to the paint formulas of the car manufacturers. In fact, with thousands and thousands of codes on the market we could not have all the products in stock.

Thanks to the valve closure of the products, the paint never comes into contact with the air so the duration is up to two years. . Store in a cool, dry place. For optimal duration, shake the bottle every now and then

Our paint system is essentially designed to deal with both scratches and streaks and nicks, but will work well on some types of scratches and little on others. There are several variables that determine the repair quality:

Narrow and long superficial line

  • often it is sufficient to use the wizard pen to have an excellent result, possibly make small adjustments with the fine paint pen where the line is deeper narrow and long deep line
  • use the wizard pen to attenuate the damage, then apply the fine paint pen on the dry area and along the entire line, if necessary after having allowed the paint to dry, use the clearcoat paint pen to give brilliance to the touch-up scratch and not very extensive nicks

  • when the area affected by the damage is less than the surface of a 1 euro cent coin, use the fine paint pen, if necessary after drying the paint, use the clearcoat paint pen to give brilliance to the retouching scratches and nicks on a medium extent
  • when the area affected by the damage is approximately between the surface of a euro cent coin and a 2 euro coin, use the paint pen medium, if necessary after drying the paint, use the clearcoat paint pen to give the retouching shine < / li>

Multiple scratches and nicks on average extended

  • when the area affected by the damage is very large but formed by multiple scratches and nicks whose single surface is it is roughly between the surface of a euro cent coin and a 2 euro coin, use the wizard pen to mitigate the damage and erase any stains on the bodywork and stripes of other cars, use the medium paint pen to retouch, if necessary after drying the paint, use the clearcoat paint pen to give brilliance to the very extensive scratch and scratch retouch when the area affected by the damage is very extensive with a surface of the damage equal to or greater than the surface of a 50 euros banknote, we do not recommend using our kit, but it is necessary to apply spray paints or contact the body shop directly.

Yes. We are able to match and formulate over 95 percent of all colors on the market. We use formulations provided by paint manufacturers for each color code. Each product is prepared manually at the time of order. Use our color database to order, find your color code with our handy color search guide

Attention: color codes have many variants, or slightly different formulations for the same code due to different production batches or production sites. Deviations are usually quite slight, and for application with minor touch-ups it is highly unlikely that a color difference will be noticed. The variant we use for each color is the standard one, that is the most widespread.
The paint of the car body varies slightly over the years due to atmospheric agents. Strongly sunny climates rather than cold and humid climates make the color vary differently.
Our retouching is formulated on the standard of a new car just out of the dealer, therefore there could be slight differences, however almost invisible given the extremely small area of ​​retouching.

It works well on all metallic, micalized and pastel colors.
Most of the colors we supply are metallic.
For some micallic and metallic colors defined as double layer it will be necessary to apply them together with the product clearcoat-transparent to give the right effect of brilliance and depth

Yes, but with a smaller match *.
Triple Layer Tri-Coat Pearl Paints are produced in three distinct manufacturing steps:
A base color is sprayed
Then it is applied an additional base that gives the pearling effect
Then a transparent coating to bring the two colors visually together
Our paints are made for the application of a single layer only.
We producing manually every single order, we have obtained formulations that closely resemble the different pearl finishes on the market.

It would also be possible to retouch with a 3-step paint kit with two colors and a clear coat. Our experience has shown that this retouch will not look good on your car, and you would most likely not be satisfied.
Having painted thousands of pearl vehicles commercially with our system, we can confidently say that our repair kit paint provides an excellent touch-up for pearlescent colors. It’s not perfect, but it’s still the best alternative to the bodywork.