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I retouched my 2009 Alfa MiTo because after a trip on the motorway it was completely covered with small debris due to the processing of the road surface. A friend introduced me to EasyTouchUp and I immediately ordered the Professional Kit. With a few Euros I fixed my bumper and I saved the Coachbuilder’s money! I am your best advertisement in the area.

I just wanted to say that I have been using the Easytouch-up Basic Kit this past weekend and have had great results. I have a vintage Porsche that had some scratches on the front bumper. With the Kit I had flawless results. I was skeptical, but I am totally satisfied with your product.

I found small nicks and scratches on the surface of my new car. I applied the paint to these areas as described by you and miraculously the scratches and nicks are gone! The product really is.

The results are amazing .. my car has a better “look”!

I was a little nervous before retouching my Mercedes … but as soon as I used your kit I was amazed at the results. I followed the directions and in less than 5 minutes, everything was gone! Congratulations and thank you!

I was skeptical when I saw the photos and your demo video, but I have to say that the repair came out just like your website shows it.

I admit it, I was a little skeptical that the product would work as well as your claims, but I was pleasantly surprised … The procedure is very simple and the money from the coachbuilder I used to make me a weekend by the sea! Great!