How it works

Our EasyTouchUp Kits

They allow you to retouch your car in a few simple steps:

The kits are 3:

1 – Standard | 2 – Medium | 3 – Professional

The kit that contains all the products and that we recommend is the Professional:

4 products for a professional intervention!

1 - Wizard pen

It removes the streaks / dirt left by the bodies of other cars and any improper stain, even on stubborn bodywork.

2 - Paint pen fine

Felt pen with professional paint inside with the specific color of your bodywork.

Its fine tip allows for excellent precision on the smallest scratches.

3 - Paint pen medium

Original retouching paint marker with medium tip
The right product for medium-sized touch-ups, its special tip allows you to apply the original touch-up paint on large surfaces (maximum area the size of a 2 euro coin) without sacrificing too much precision.

4 - Paint pen clearcoat

Original transparent paint marker, gives transparency and brilliance to your retouch and covers the small scratches of the first transparent surface layer of the bodywork.

(Scratch that has not yet affected the 2nd colored layer of the bodywork)